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House Cleaning

Have you considered hiring professional cleaners to tidy your home? There are benefits to using a service like ours for routine house chores or for those more intensive cleaning tasks that need to be done. Here are some of the advantages to choosing professional home cleaning:

1. Your Home Cleaned Faster
Hiring professional cleaning means that your home will be cleaned quickly. We offer next-day cleaning services so that you don’t have to wait to get the help you need. We work very fast, but we aren’t cutting any corners. You can let us handle everything, and we will have your home cleaned shortly.

2. Your Home Cleaned Better
We use proven cleaning methods that will make your home sparkle and shine. If you are tired of seeing a dirty home or noticing stains and grime left behind after you clean, then call the professionals to do a deeper, more thorough cleaning that looks different and feels different. We guarantee that the results will be to your liking. No one cleans better.

3. Your Home Cleaned Safer
We are staying up to date with the latest COVID sanitation measures so that our team makes your home a safe place. We use very effective cleaning solutions that kill germs and get rid of pathogens and other health risks in the home. If you want to feel safe where you live, you need a professional cleaning that eradicates bacteria and diseases before they can attack you and those you care about.

The Right Home Cleaning Products

We make certain that the right cleaning products are being used to tidy your home. These are effective cleaners that kill germs and remove dirt and grime, all while improving air quality. The cleaners we use also are chosen because they are safe for your home and for your family. We often take conventional cleaners and dilute them so that they are safer for our customers. We are still ensuring that we clean effectively, but we are also aware of the health risks to pets, small children, and the elderly when we clean in homes, and we make sure those sensitive residents are protected even as the home is cleaned.

We also offer green cleaning options, so if you want to reduce your environmental impact, ask us about green cleaning and our environmentally friendly service. Our green cleaning solutions greatly reduce or completely do without parabens, phosphates, chlorine, and artificial fragrances.

Our Home Cleaning Task List

We do the housework you may not have time for. Here are some of the cleaning chores we can take care of for you:
• Washing dishes
• Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors
• Organizing
• Wiping down countertops, baseboards, cupboards, and appliances
• Sanitizing surfaces
• Dusting
• Upholstery cleaning
• Making up beds
• Garbage removal
• Air freshening
• Window washing
• Spot and stain removal

Some cleaning services are included in our basic home package, and others are considered extra and will need to be added on to your base order. Allow us to customize your cleaning service so you get only what you need.