Move In Out Cleaning

Move In Out Cleaning
Move In Out Cleaning
Move In Out Cleaning
Move In Out Cleaning

You packed everything up and are prepared to move to your new place, but the home you’re leaving still looks dirty. A thorough cleaning is necessary before you move out, but do you really have the time to do that? If not, our experienced cleaners can help.
Move Out Cleaning Checklist
Did everything get cleaned properly before you left for your new home? Here are some of the move out services we offer for our clients:
• wiping down baseboards and the outside of cupboards and appliances
• scrubbing out the bathtub and shower
• scrubbing toilets
• cleaning the inside of cabinets and appliances
• dusting throughout the entire house
• sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors
• cleaning up the countertops and sinks
What does your move out checklist look like? We can cater to your needs and customize our cleaning plan for your specifications. Just tell us what you’ve done and we can provide you with an affordable and thorough cleaning package.
Moving in Cleaning
What about when you’re moving into a new home? Is it livable and ready for you? Would you feel safe touching the same surfaces as the previous residents? Did they do a good job cleaning before they left or could the place use a little tidying up?
If you have your doubts, why not put your mind at ease and have us do the cleaning for you? We can be as detailed or as basic as you like, and we can make your new home inviting and attractive. There’s plenty of work to be done when you move, so why not let us handle the house chores and made things a little easier for you?
How Much Will Moving Cleaning Cost?
Our clean surfaces are based on a flat hourly rate, so how long it takes to clean your home will determine how much it costs. We can give you an estimate over the phone if you like, so you can have some idea of what the cost may be. Keep in mind that the more cleaning work there is to be done, the more expensive the service will be overall. However, we ensure our rates are very affordable because we know moving is expensive, and we think you should be able to get help if you need it.
Your Moving Day Helpers
Even if you’re scheduling a cleaning at the last minute and you didn’t plan ahead very well, we should be able to accommodate you. We have flexible working hours and can even provide same day cleaning services, so give us a call to see if we’re available to help. You can check one more thing off your moving day list and focus on those details that require your full attention.
We can even do the cleaning if you haven’t fully moved out yet and you still have furniture in the space. Our team can move furniture and other heavy objects around as needed to make sure the cleaning is done as it should be.