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Post Construction Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning

Construction in your home or business can leave behind quite the mess, with dust spread everywhere, piles of debris in the corners, and even scuffmarks and scratches on walls and floors. It may seem like an intimidating job to handle, but our professional cleaning service can do the post construction cleanup for you.
It’s a Big Job, and We Can Do It
When you look at all the cleanup that needs to be done after construction, you might wonder how the area will ever look tidy again. We’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of work, however. We have a proven process we use to clean up the area efficiently and ensure a thorough cleaning every time.
No matter how big the cleanup job is, we can handle it. Even if you’ve had minor construction done in your home, you may need some help with the cleanup. If you don’t have professionals on the job, the mess can spread to other parts of the house and make a lot more work for you to do. It may be simpler and smarter to simply have skilled cleaners come and tidy up for you.
Our Post Construction Cleanup Process
1. Assess the Cleanup- We start by looking at the area that needs to be clean, determining the steps to take so that the workload is minimized and the cleanup is done as efficiently as possible.
2. Confine the Mess- One of the biggest issues with post construction cleanup is keeping the dust and dirt from spreading to other parts of the property. We may set up drop cloths or plastic sheeting to ensure the mess is not spread so that there will be less work to do.
3. Remove Debris- The actual cleanup begins by removing the largest items from the construction area. We can handle moving even heavy stuff like cinder blocks, concrete slabs, rebar, pieces of wall, and more.
4. Detailed Cleaning- Once the big pieces are out of the way, we bag up the smaller pieces and handle the sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping down that needs to be done.
5. Final Touches- We finish off by making sure the construction area looks as spotless as possible. We can buff out a lot of scuffmarks and scrapes that the construction process might have left behind. We may not be able to repair everything, but we’ll do our best to restore everything to pristine order.
Consider Adding Other Cleaning Services
We have a wide range of cleaning services to offer you, and when we come do construction cleaning for you, that might be a good time to have us clean in other parts of your home as well. It’s possible that during the construction process, other rooms were dirtied by the work, so having a full home cleaning done at this time just makes sense. Contact us to learn more about the cleaning services we offer and how we can help you get your home back in order.