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How Imagine Maids Works



Easily book your cleaning for your preferred day and time on our online booking form.



Our trusted cleaners come on over on the scheduled date and make your place shine like never before!



Sit back and enjoy how amazing your home or business looks now.



No need to worry about cash. We use seamless technology for easy credit card payments.

About Us
About Us


Our Commitment To Your Satisfaction

At our company, customer happiness is our highest priority. That's why if you don't love your cleaning we will do everything in our power to make it right like offering a free reclean!

The Cleaners Bring All The Supplies & Equipment

Once you book you have nothing to worry about because our certified cleaners will bring all supplies and equipment to each cleaning. They can also use your supplies if you request.

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We are consistently highly rated for providing excellent cleaning and customer support.

00 Cleanings

Our cleaners have performed over 1,000 cleanings and counting!

00 Customers

Over a thousand customers have tried and loved our services.

Our Services

All The Cleaning Services That We Provide


House Cleaning

Why you need house cleaning!

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Office Cleaning

We can clean your office like no other!

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Apartment Cleaning

Make your apartment or condo shine again!

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Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning will really get every nook and cranny.

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Airbnb Cleaning

The perfect service for your short term rental.

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Move In Out Cleaning

If you are moving in or out of a home.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Clean your home or business perfectly after construction.

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Recurring Cleaning

Keep your home or business consistently clean all the time.

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Why Choose Us

We Are Experienced & We Have Expert Teams


All our cleaners are thoroughly background checked and reference checked to ensure safety.


Cleaners are constantly reviewed by customers and must always maintain a high ranking.


The cleaners treat your home like a sanctuary. Just like their own home.


We always keep you up to date on your cleaning and follow up to ensure satisfaction.

About Us

What Our Clients Says

Washington DC Home Cleaning

The Washington DC Cleaning Specialists

Keeping a clean home or workplace is a whole lot easier when you hire professional cleaners to do it. You don’t have to worry about how you will fit the work into your schedule, and you don’t have to wonder if you will be up to the task of cleaning thoroughly and effectively.

Our professional cleaners are dedicated to a high standard in everything that they do, using the best cleaning tools and methods the industry has to offer and ensuring our customers are satisfied with the work they do. 

How It Works

  1. Book a Cleaning- You can pick out a time and cleaning services that will work for you right here on our site, or you can call us open schedule your cleaning service that way. We have a lot of different options to pick from, and all of our services are offered at very competitive rates.
  2. Our Professionals Do the Work- Our cleaning crew will arrive at your home or business at the time you’ve selected and then get right to work. They clean thoroughly, and they can handle the mopping, sweeping, dusting, sanitizing, and other maid work that needs to be done. Once they’re done cleaning, they check their work to ensure that they didn’t miss anything.
  3. You Relax- All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of the work for you. Then, you can see the results for yourself, and our satisfaction guarantee will ensure that you’re happy with the cleaning services provided.

Professional Cleaning Services You Need

What kind of cleaning care does your home or business place require? We know that each space is different, but we can accommodate you with customized, personalized cleaning care services.

Basic Service- We offer a basic cleaning package that includes all the maid services you would expect from professional cleaners. We will mop and sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, dust where necessary, sanitize the area, take out the trash, and organize everything. This is a great way to keep your space looking clean, whether you want us to come one time just to help you catch up on the housework or you need us to come as a recurring service.

Deep Cleaning Service- We always like to go the extra mile and exceed our customers’ expectations, but a deep cleaning service takes things to another level. This is a great way to target a specific room or area of your space, and it can include cleaning the inside of appliances, like refrigerators or ovens. If you want a more detailed cleaning, like you would expect from a spring cleaning, ask about our deep cleaning services.

Moving In/Out Cleaning- Need some help moving to a new area? Making your home tidy is one of the most important parts of moving, as you want to prepare for the resale market or try to get your security deposit back if you are renting. Whether you’re preparing to move into a place that you want cleaned or you want the place you’re moving out of to look tidy, we can take care of that for you.

Same Day Cleaning- If you are looking for some professional cleaning services on short notice, give us a call. We have really flexible working schedules, and we do our best to accommodate each and every client. We may be able to provide cleaning the same day you contact us, and we can respond quickly to ensure that the cleaning is done in a timely manner.

Professional Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Washington DC residents trust us when it comes to cleaning in their homes and offices. Our commercial and domestic cleaning services are second to none, and that’s because of our dedication to customer satisfaction. We aren’t happy if there’s something you’re not pleased with about our work, so we will make it right in every instance.

Over the years we have been working in the Washington DC area, we have earned a reputation for reliability. Our customers know that we arrive on time and that we provide them with the services they really need to keep a clean space.

We pride ourselves on treating our customers home and workplaces as if they were our own. We think that’s the best way to ensure a high level of quality and keep our standards of cleanliness at a level that’s considered industry-best.

When we clean, we’re paying close attention to each detail, making sure we didn’t miss anything. We also sanitize all applicable surfaces, so you can feel good knowing that your home or workspace is safe and sanitary.

Live Better by Keeping It Clean

As important as it is to wash your hands regularly, it’s also important to have your home cleaned regularly. You might not always have time to do that cleaning every week, but it should be done for your health and safety.

A professional cleaning can make a big difference in how sanitary your home or workplace is. You might not see all those invisible germs or the microorganisms that are hiding on almost every surface, but they are there all the same. They can make you sick, damage your immune system, and make you feel unwell. By cleaning your space on a regular basis, particularly by having it professionally cleaned, you’ll improve your health and reduce your risk of illness.

The powerful cleaning tools we use kill bacteria and stop diseases like COVID from spreading. They also clean up your air flow, getting rid of tiny particles in the air that could cause allergy symptoms and that might be making you sneeze, cough, or feel stuffy and congested.

Contact us today to schedule a cleaning for your property. Whether you have a commercial space that could use some tidying up or your home that needs a professional touch, we can help you out. Our fast, professional service and low, competitive rates make it easy to keep a clean space.

We also have the best Nashville cleaning service you can get.

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